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创始人 Founder 


Liu Ruiquan, born in Datong Shanxi Province on June 1956,Starting personal business from the teaching staff in 1984, engaged in service and manufacturing industry.breeding koi fish from 2002.



Liu Hongle, born in Datong, Shanxi on May 1982,business administration major, breeding koi fish from 2006.






Encounter koi

Liu Ruiquan: “I became attached to koi in spring of 2002. One worker bought two red carp fish from the vegetable market, preparing as cook food. I found the koi fish are good-looking, so I told them not to eat but released them to the man-made senic river in factory. Out of expectation, after one month, there were forty to fifty thousand little koi. Then I decided to buy more fish as such water is suitable for the living of fish. In market, I saw koi fish, and later on the Internet, I found high-quality koi!”





Starting Breeding

At the end of 2002, Liu Ruiquan decided to make investment for koi breeding. To get the core technique for koi selection, it takes lots of experiments, as the climate in Hai’nan Province is suitable for koi fish breeding and low-temperature time is short, experiments can be implemented with favorable conditions. In 2003, the experiment base of DongFang koi in Hai’nan was built. Though it was not well-equipped, after 2 years, staff in this base has got the basic skills for breeding, selection, and fodder, and successfully brought up small batches of high-quality koi fish.


Regardless of small achievements, Liu Ruiquan did not give up his efforts. He then went abroad to study after the world-top experts for koi fish breeding industry. He would visit more than ten experts in foreign countries per year to learn advanced breeding techniques. Despite of language problems, they share common interests and love for koi fish. Under the invitation of Liu Ruiquan, more and more outside partners came to China, visiting DongFang koi farm and being its friends.










On 18th, November, 2006, the first appreciation meeting for koi in 2006 was held and high-quality DongFang koi was widely welcomed by many supporters. Since then, every year, DongFang koi would organize auction and appreciation activities and there would be over a thousand people participating each year. Over the recent years, the koi from DongFang koi is with higher and higher quality, and the selling price of the koi in that year and two-year-old koi is ranking another height. As the koi quality is great, the koi kinds are abundant, and with many attendants, the appreciation activities of DongFang koi is known as the grand gathering in koi industry.


DongFang koi has established large-scale parent koi population, high-quality marketable koi fish and spray fry have got a favorable feedback from the farmers. High-quality spray fry has created much more profits for domestic farmers.


Thanks to good market recognition and reputation, coordinating with the development direction of China’s new agricultural policy, DongFang koi has won the attention from media. CCTV channel of finance and economics, channel of agriculture, Beijing TV, Shanghai TV, etc have made relevant special reports for DongFang koi.

It is out of possibility to produce batches of high-quality koi without large-scale breeding. In 2012, the breeding bases in Suzhou and Changshu each covers several thousand mu were built, starting the volume production of high-quality koi.